TO partly address Zimbabwe’s growing energy crisis characterised by constant load-shedding and escalating gas prices, the Chinese Industrial International Group (CIIG) has introduced a new type of technology, dubbed the Seeci stove which uses coal as a source of energy.


Speaking at a Press conference in Harare last week, CIIG chief executive officer Nie Hai Hang said this was a development that Zimbabweans should embrace to escape gas and electricity constraints.
“There is an energy crisis in Zimbabwe; there are serious power shortages and gas is completely imported which is too expensive.

“Under the dual pressure of the crisis, CIIG effectively utilises and develops coal resources to solve the current crisis,” he said

Hai Yang said deforestation was one of the many threats that faced the environment.

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The Seeci stove came in as a solution to rampant deforestation, especially in the rural areas.

According to statistics, 60% of the rural population use firewood for cooking.

The combustion-cooking equipment uses less energy and is convenient since coal is a local natural resource and easy to access.

The Chinese investor said the stove had a two-year guarantee and cheaper having currently been priced at $300.

The concept has been widely used in Asia for over 20 years.

The technological development has created employment to many locals as the company is run by local people from shop floor up to management levels.

The group has vast investments in the country, owning the Borrowdale Trauma Hospital and citrus farming in Mazowe.