A BINDURA man was last week convicted of resisting arrest and kidnapping a police officer at a roadblock before assaulting other police officers who intervened to rescue their colleague.


Godfrey Mhlanga of Simona village, Bindura, was sentenced to nine months in prison by magistrate Maria Msika. Four months of the sentence were suspended on condition that he pays a $1 000 fine while the remainder were set aside on condition of good behaviour.

Prosecutor Edward Katsvairo told the court that on September 13, Mhlanga, who was driving a Mazda pick-up truck was intercepted by a traffic officer Joseph Paribendipo at a roadblock in Bindura and was asked to produce a driver’s licence, which he failed to.

Paribendipo jumped into the truck and ordered Mhlanga to drive to the police station. Mhlanga instead drove in the opposite direction, threatening to assault Paribendipo.

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Paribendipo’s colleagues identified as Assistant Inspector Mubaiwa and Constable Makuwasa pursued Mhlanga in a CMED vehicle and blocked him after a long chase. Mhlanga pulled off the road and tried to escape on foot, but was apprehended. Paribendipo resisted arrest, pushed away Mubaiwa and broke his handcuffs in the process. The three officers had to use extra force to arrest the violent Mhlanga.