Zanu PF is considering tinkering with the national Constitution to extend President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s tenure beyond the stipulated two five-year terms, a top party official has disclosed.


Zanu PF secretary for administration Obert Mpofu disclosed the plan at the party youth convention in Kadoma last week that the ruling party would take advantage of its two-thirds majority in Parliament to effect the constitutional changes.

“Mr President, you can go beyond 2028 if you so wish because the issue of law can be taken care of in Parliament,” Mpofu said.

When Mnangagwa took to the podium, he declared that nothing would stop his party from making such constitutional amendments.

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“We can change the laws … there is nothing that we want that cannot be done because we command two-thirds majority in Parliament,” Mnangagwa said.

But social commentator Rejoice Ngwenya warned that such a move would be “unacceptable and immoral” even within Zanu PF.

“I don’t think there is even going to be a consensus within Zanu PF for any possible amendment of the Constitution because there are simmering elements from G40 in Zanu PF… it’s a big mistake because Mnangagwa’s legitimacy is under debate. It’s a populist stance which is immoral and unacceptable,” Ngwenya said.