THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) has arrested Bean There Restaurant managing director Delny Deanna Ashley Davies on allegations of defrauding a fellow businessman of US$700 000.

Davies was picked up in Bulawayo on November 25.

In its request for remand document case number HCR. 73/11/2019, Zacc stated that Davies (43) committed fraud as defined in section 136 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23.

Allegations are that sometime in November 2018, she hatched a plan to defraud the complainant Prince Abraham, managing director of Nedlac Automation based in South Africa and Nedlac Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd based in Zimbabwe of US$700 000, which she used to settle her loan with Zakanya Patel.

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Zacc’s charge sheet states that pursuant to her plan, Davies approached Abraham and misrepresented to him that she had some free funds in South Africa and if the complainant had any payments to settle in the neighbouring country, she had the capacity to settle it.

In return, Abraham would then transfer US$700 000 into her account.

Abraham told Davies that his company had two major invoices which had to be settled to Nedlac Automation South Africa totalling R3 500 000.

The invoices were to be settled as R3 070 000 to Maggotteax South Africa for goods bought and delivered to PPC Bulawayo and R430 000 to Toyota Nelspruit for Nedlac Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd company vehicle.

“The accused instructed the complainant to deposit US$700 000 into FMC Finance Company Ecobank account and acting on the misrepresenting, on 26 November 2018, the complainant made two internal transfers of US$200 000 and US$500 000 into FMC Ecobank account through interbank banking using his Ecobank account,” Zacc papers state.

Zacc avers that Davies misrepresented that she had free funds in South Africa because she had a preconceived plan to swindle Abraham of his money to settle her loan with Patel.

“Investigations established that when the money was transferred into FMC Financial Services Ecobank account, US$72 000 financed an overdraft for FMC Financial Services and US$628 000 was transferred to a Steward Bank account, on instructions from Zakanya Patel,” Zacc stated.

Investigations also established that on November 29 2018, R450 000 was paid to Nedlac Automation South Africa FNB account by Davies and she converted a balance of R3 050 000 to her own use.

Zacc stated that investigations further revealed that Davies made another deposit of R110 0000 into Nedlac Automation FNB account.

“The accused person’s conduct caused an actual prejudice of US$664 200 and a total of US$7 432 was recovered,” the charge sheet read.

Davies on Tuesday appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Tinashe Tashaya and was granted $5 000 bail before being remanded to December 11 for trial.