A SHOE left behind at a crime scene sold out a Chipinge traditional healer who broke into a friend’s house and stole a vehicle gearbox and money, leading to his incarceration for an effective two years.

Vitalis Masarira (25) of phase 5 Checheche Growth Point had pleaded not guilty to unlawful entry, but was convicted by Chipinge magistrate, Joshua Nembaware.

He was sentenced to 30 months in prison of which six were conditionally suspended. He will serve an effective two years.

In mitigation, Masarira begged the court for a non-custodial sentence so that he would continue with his trade as a traditional healer.

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“Your worship, may I be given a non-custodial sentence because my clients are looking for me. They don’t know that I am in custody, I am a traditional healer,”Masarira said.

However, Nembaware opted for a custodial sentence, noting that he breached the trust which had been bestowed on him as friend by the complainant.

“Your moral blameworthiness is very high. You are facing a serious offence. You also stole from your friend, betraying the trust that was placed in you by your friend and you are not even remorseful,” Nembaware said.

Prosecutor Sesekedzai Mayera told the court that on October 26 at about 8am, the complainant, Clever Sithole — who is Masarira’s friend — left his home locked going to a nearby business centre.

He left his Honda Fit gearbox in the house.

Masarira went to the house and forcibly opened the door. He stole the gearbox and went away unnoticed.

Two days later, Sithole came back home at around 7am and discovered that his house had been broken into and his gearbox was missing. He also found a shoe which was left in the house which resembled that of Masarira.

He made a police report saying he suspected Masarira, who was then arrested, leading to the recovery of the gearbox valued at $10 000.