THE boundary wrangle pitting newly-installed Chief Neromwe (Clemence Madzingo) and Chief Tshovani (Hlausi Mundau) has taken a new twist with the latter alleging that his dominion over Chiredzi is being threatened by politicians who are meddling in the fight.


On Monday, Chief Tshovani’s subjects staged a demonstration at Chiredzi Magistarates Court, accusing politicians and the then Chiredzi district development co-ordinator, Ndeya Nyede of aiding Neromwe to wrest a large chunk of their territory. Tshovani has since sued President Emmerson Mnangagwa over the matter. The case is yet to be heard.

Chief Neromwe on the other hand has dragged Tshovani to court seeking to bar him from holding meetings in an area which used to be under Chief Tshovani before his installation.

In his opposing affidavit, Chief Tshovani, through his lawyers Majoko and Majoko Legal Practitioners, is challenging the legality of Neromwe chieftainship. They are arguing that an interdict was granted by the High Court stopping Neromwe from both taking an oath of office, and holding an installation ceremony as chief, but he defied the order and went on with the ceremony.

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Neromwe further argued that that Tshovani made his submissions late, and sought the court to consider his affidavit unopposed. He also said, the opposing affidavit was also defective as it was not properly numbered as required by the court. He urged the court to dismiss the matter as the opposing affidavits were answering to questions not asked.

Chief Tshovani’s lawyers admitted that the papers were submitted late, but said it was in consultation and by consent from Neromwe’s lawyer.

The matter was postponed to December 6 for ruling.

The feud between the two chieftainships began when government decided to revive the Neromwe chieftainship which was removed by white settlers during the early years of colonial rule.

Tshovani, however, was not happy with the decision which he saw as an attack on his own chieftaincy since the revival of Neromwe meant his loss of vast territory.

Chief Serima of Gutu, Chief Nemauzhe of Chivi and Chief Maranda of Mwenezi adjudicated on the arguments for and against the revival of Neromwe in 2017, while Nyede gave guidelines.

Former Zvimba councillor Clemence Madzingo was then selected inaugural chief of the revived Neromwe throne and was given custody of wards 17, 26, 28 and 29, while chief Tshovani was left with only three wards.

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