HARARE yesterday presented a $4,5 billion budget amid fears that it will not be sustainable under the current hyperinflationary environment and will need immediate review that will affect hard-pressed residents.


Council’s finance and development committee chairperson Luckson Mukunguma conceded in an interview with NewsDay after presenting the 2020 budget that measures put in place may not work under the current challenges unless something is done to tame inflation.

“So if there is no means of taming the inflation at national level, that will give us no option (but to go) back and say what is it that we can do so that we can give the service that you require,” he said.

Mukunguma said industries were closing down, denying many residents a source of income.

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“As the inflation hits the roof, their (residents) disposable income also shrinks as a result, then council will be the last priority for someone to say I want to pay my bills. That’s the challenge we may face as we go, so we pray very much that at national level, the government will do something to tame the inflationary environment that we are living in,” he said.

In his budget presentation, Mukunguma said the environment in the country was bad and not sustainable hence the need to address issues at national level.

Residents will now pay $20 for five cubic metres of water up from the current $5,10.

Refuse collection was increased to $28 from $24 for high-density areas, while for low-density areas it rose from $36 to $42.

Clinic charges remained unchanged except for those in need of caesarean procedure who will have to part with $1 837 up from $525.