THE Zanu PF women’s league has called on ageing party bigwigs to retire from government and pave way for younger women in a bid to revive the shrinking economy.


Speaking at a national gender forum in Mutare on Friday last week, the ruling party’s women’s league deputy secretary, Angeline Masuku, said ageing government officials should take a cue from her and leave government service to Young Turks.

Masuku was until last year Bulawayo Metropolitan Affairs minister.

“As Zanu PF, we should learn to retire from government and give room to young women to lead. We liberated the country and young women should take over to liberate the economy,” Masuku said amid thunderous applause.

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“I voluntarily retired from government in a bid to give way to young and new blood that is what many of our older women in government should do so that the country moves forward as we are road-mapping the 50/50 gender representation.”

She said women politicians do not support each other.

“Our party follows the country’s Constitution and we are going for 50/50 gender representation and we are still going to respect the proportional representation, but the main challenge in women is the pull her down syndrome. We always look down upon ourselves, yet we can, and are able to do it,” she said.

Speaking at the same event, MDC deputy president Lynette Karenyi-Kore said her party supported the 50/50 gender representation, and not the quota system.

“We are saying we were given quotas in 2013 up to now and we achieved hatred among women in the issue of proportional representation,” she said.

“If you go for primaries, males will start to say you have got 60 seats already forgetting that those seats are for the whole country, so it is a disadvantage to us.”