A MEMBER of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Presidential Advisory Council, Jana Ncube, has openly expressed her frustration at the government in the wake of rampant human rights abuses in the country, saying Zimbabwe remains in the news headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Writing on her Facebook page, Ncube, an international civil society activist, said the State was blaming sanctions for difficulties faced by citizens without accepting responsibility for the things it has power over and power to do.

Ncube last night confirmed to NewsDay Weekender that she had indeed posted the messages on her Facebook wall.

“I am not keen on articles because I think my words speak for me best. Thanks for checking,” she said.

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“For instance, the government has power over what the police do. The Zimbabwe Republic Police can be like police in many countries across Africa, where they serve and protect citizens and are not unleashed to bash, beat and maim their own people,” she wrote on the day police brutally crushed a gathering by MDC supporters who wanted to listen to an address by their leader, Nelson Chamisa.

“Being in the opposition doesn’t make one less Zimbabwean. The ZRP have responsibility to care for and protect for all. Our military has no business in police uniforms and no business operating within Zimbabwe against Zimbabweans. Police beating women and young people and the elderly who want to protest against the government or want to support their party is wrong by all moral and just laws. The government of Zimbabwe has power over this.”

Ncube said government has the power to do what was right for the country.

Without mentioning names, she questioned why Energy minister Fortune Chasi appointed former Zesa Holdings executive chairman, Sydney Gata, to the same position, decades after leaving the same institution under a cloud.

“How does appointing a person who dishonourably left an institution (get) back into that institution with supra Executive power make our institutions and governance stronger?” she asked rhetorically.

“With the many reports and evidence of corruption, theft, pilfering from the State by political and military elites and no action against those guilty, how do we justify this? We fire doctors and nurses for asking for living wages and ask Parliament for overlook (over) billions stolen by a few elites who continue to live in luxury.”

She said no woman, man or child deserved to live the way most Zimbabweans are being forced to live.

“No woman should give birth in the conditions circulating on social media. No one should die for lack of medical care. It’s happening every day. My heart, is broken,” Ncube said.

She said Zimbabweans have been praying for rains which have come and now continue to pray for good leadership which will take responsibility for what is not working and commit to fix it.

“Leadership that will implement political reforms that allow our democracy to grow and for ordinary citizens to enjoy their freedoms; a democracy that is not afraid of differences in our political opinions and choices but rather thrives because of them,” Ncube said.

“We search for leaders who are accountable for every minute of their time in positions of decision making and also for every cent that belongs to this country. Leaders who won’t steal or cheat nor allow anyone else to steal or cheat.”