Thamsanqa “Tamy” Moyo


MULTI-TALENTED songbird Thamsanqa “Tamy” Moyo says she has broken down a million times despite having a blossoming career.

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The Kwandinobva hitmaker said she had a support mechanism to help her overcome low moments in the limelight.

In a wide-ranging interview with NewsDay Weekender Life & Style, the young and talented vocalist said being in the limelight had exerted a lot of pressure on her to attain perfection.

Dealing with fame

While many a musician has been content sticking to the music lane, Tamy’s creative scope has seen her broaden her horizon and branch into her other favourite hobbies.

She says there was more to her than met the eye.

“Fame is quite a task. It is tough to live in the limelight but I am grateful all the same. The pressure to deliver is hectic and sometimes it can cripple me in the hope of attaining perfection,” she said.

“I break down a million times but being surrounded by good people with good energy and good cheer helps a lot.”

Tamy says prayer has also been her weapon of strength as there are many challenges that artistes have to surmount, but they choose to keep the lid closed due to various reasons.

“There are so many challenges that artistes deal with that they can’t disclose on so many occasions in a bid to protect themselves from public opinion, but they are human too and sometimes people do not understand that prayer is key,” she said.

Good food and the outdoors

Apart from music, Tamy also enjoys the outdoors and the “awesome taste of good food”.

“Tamy enjoys swimming occasionally. I am a sucker for good food, so I enjoy some quiet time getting some food. I love Thai food, fried rice with chicken. Anything with rice goes down,” the singer said.

She also highlighted that she was a cartoon fanatic and enjoyed watching them from time to time.

Nagging sex pests

Asked how she dealt with unwanted male attention and sex pests, Tamy says she takes it one step at a time and that was the least of her worries.

“Such attention comes with the territory. I don’t really pay much attention to it though. I am always with my managers, who happen to be my parents, so many males keep the distance,” she said.

Tamy has, over the years, released a string of songs that have won her many fans across the country, setting the bar high for fellow female musicians her age.