By Brenna Matendere

GOVERNMENT yesterday commissioned four pumps installed at Amapongogwe Dam to pump raw water to the main Gweru treatment plant at Gwenoro.

In a speech read on his behalf, Local Government minister July Moyo said the commissioning of the four pumps was a result of water challenges which Gweru was facing because of the El Nino-induced drought, which saw Gwenoro Dam reaching record low water levels.

“There still is need for huge investment in water infrastructure in Gweru. This collaboration must be sustained as it is a prerequisite for the realisation of co-operation between corporates and the people of Gweru and the country at large.

“The responsible authority must protect the environment. There is no one to blame when there is no water in Gweru except the people in Gweru and their leadership,” he said.

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Mayor Josiah Makombe said for a decade now, council has been extracting water from Gwenoro due to wear and tear of equipment at Amapongogwe Dam.