COMEDIENNE Felistas “Mai Titi” Edwards yesterday dismissed social media gossip that she had earned her keep through prostitution.Mai Titi told NewsDay Life & Style that claims by socialite Jackie Ngarande that the former lived off sex work were baseless and unfounded as she runs luxury stores in the central business district.

Mai Titi, who recently bought a house and is building another two-storey mansion, said an associate of Ngarande fuelled the rumours after having been engaged to put up curtains at the latter’s house.

“Lately, people are bitter that I bought a house and jealous can make someone lie about people they don’t know. Someone went to Jackie’s house to put curtains and they started gossiping about me, that’s when she said do you know that Mai Titi drilled a borehole for the community and the house is not hers, so it’s crazy, how can I put a borehole at the house which is not mine?” Mai Titi quipped.

“Imagine I paid US$5 000 for that borehole and they say it’s not mine. Thereafter she called the person and that person phoned me now because she thought we were not friends, so she told me that that’s what Jackie is saying. That’s why I got angry and made a video to set things straight.”

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This was after Mai Titi had posted a video hitting back at Ngarande, whom she accuses of spreading gossip about her.She, however, refused to disclose where the properties are located.

“I work hard; I have shops all over town, luxury and epic stores known as “Zvemukati kwaMai Titi. I think my work is seen everywhere. I don’t do (dirty) businesses like these stupid clouts are doing. I am a hard working single mother,” she said.

“I know my house is causing all this alarm, of which it’s not even the only one. I am actually building a double-storey (house) and everyone knows that, so people should not be jealous, but should work hard and believe in God.”

Mai Titi, who wears many hats including gospel artiste, entrepreneur and MC, aid she was “a prayer warrior” and earned her money through hard work.

In March last year, she received an award as the Top Female Entertainment and Social Media Enterprise Business Leader of the Year Award (2018). She was presented the award by the Women’s Business and Leadership Awards.