BEAUTY queen Blessing Mutamba (pictured) — who is also Miss Ireland International 2019 — is set to embark on a homecoming tour of Zimbabwe early next year during which she will explore opportunities to work with the local business community and young people seeking opportunities.

Mutamba told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that her passion for her country has compelled her to consider making positive contributions to its development, and she was both excited and overwhelmed by the journey she has embarked upon.

“My platform is to advocate for young Zimbabweans either looking for a job or wanting to start a business mainly in Zimbabwe, but in the diaspora as well because that is where I have a lot of reach and visibility,” she said.

“It’s going to be exciting, but I am also really scared because it’s a really big project to organise from Ireland.”

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Mutamba said she has been doing a lot of community outreach and mentorship programmes and supporting others, including Shift UK, at whose launch she was the guest speaker.

“Shift UK is a business forum for people of African heritage living in the UK and wanting to start a business,” the 23-year-old beauty said.

Mutamba, who was crowned Miss Ireland International in January this year, said she had a number of projects lined up and she was now taking a final step in the implementation of her entrepreneurial mentorship schemes as part of her homecoming tour next year.

“I am going to stop in Harare, Victoria Falls and Mutare where I am from. I was born there,” she said.

“I will do a lot of panel discussions with key industry players who I have started talking to and a lot of them are experts in their fields, key decision makers in the entertainment industry. I have rallied these together to understand what could be most beneficial for the youth of Zimbabwe to foster an environment that is conducive to do business and starting up.”

The beauty queen, who holds a Masters’ Degree in Entrepreneurship, said she will have several networking events to connect people together as part of her community outreach.

“I would want to talk to children in schools and other young people who are looking for opportunities,” she said.

“I will then use the information that I will collect to try and help solve some of the problems they face.”

Mutamba said she had teamed up with a number of stakeholders in Harare and Mutare and will capitalise on the growing popularity of beauty pageants in the country.

“It’s important for me to showcase that we are not just about being pretty on stage and looking good for one day,” she said.