A 25-YEAR-OLD Grain Marketing Board (GMB) employee based at Nyava collection depot was jailed for six months for swindling 10 bags of maize from two separate Command Agriculture-contracted farmers.


Piwainashe Chikuna last week appeared before Bindura magistrate Maria Msika who incarcerated him after trial.

Prosecutor Edward Katsvairo told the court that on September 9 and at the collection depot, Chikuna wrote 25 bags of maize on receipt number 4433544 and 20 bags on the fast copy intending to deceive farmer, Isaah Ngagani.

The following day, the convict used a similar modus operandi to dupe farmer, Powls Kennedy, another five bags of maize after he had brought 40 bags of maize, 35 were receipted on the fast copy.

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The matter came to light when the farmers realised that they had received less money than expected and they visited GMB offices demanding clarification.

The fraud was uncovered, leading to Chikuna’s arrest.

Msika said Chikuna had committed a serious offence which deserved a deterrent sentence.