MDC leader Nelson Chamisa spent the better part of last week in Sweden were he had an opportunity to meet the country’s Prime Minister and leader of the Swedish Democratic Party, Stefan Lofven including other leaders from a number of countries attending a Progressive Alliance leaders conference.


The alliance is a network of over 140 social democratic parties, some in the opposition and others governing across the globe who share convictions of a just, free and equitable society.
Chamisa said he used the opportunity to get global solidarity as the people of Zimbabwe continue to fight for a just and rich democratic space.

“The global solidarity and goodwill is so great and overwhelming. All the doors are open for us. Zimbabwe has real and true friends worldwide. The world is with us,” Chamisa said.
His spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda said Chamisa also called on world leaders and business to look into investing in Zimbabwe once the rule of law, democracy and respect of human rights is restored under his leadership.

“He has highlighted that despite desperate leadership deficiencies and the legitimacy crisis that bedevil the Zimbabwean economy, our people have hope. They can have hope because they, can deal with the political problems and thereby unlock the potential of Zimbabwe’s economy. The temerity of Zimbabweans, as an important world class resource for economic development and advancement and freedom fighters is well known and bankable. One cannot oppress the people of Zimbabwe endlessly,” Sibanda said in a statement.

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Chamisa, who is preparing to deliver his Hope of The Nation (Hona) according to Sibanda, used the opportunity to strengthen and deepen his foreign policy and democratic values.

“These meetings come ahead of the much expected and much hyped Hope of a Nation Address that the president will deliver on the 20th of November at Africa Unity Square, in Harare. He will talk to the people of Zimbabwe, Africa and the world,” Sibanda said.

Chamisa met with Pamela Rendi-Wagner, the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Austria, and various other opposition leaders from countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.