ZIMBABWE Liberation Platform, a splinter group from the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), has chickened out from confronting shortcomings of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government, and now exonerates him from any wrongdoing.

Addressing a Press conference, yesterday Wilbert Sadomba, former ZNLWA secretary for education, said Mnangagwa was the only good man in his government.

“He is doing his best and he is upholding the Constitution, but as the President, he can’t be everywhere. In the military, finance or education, he appoints people and these people are letting the nation down. There is high corruption in the country and it is causing our people much suffering,” he said.

ZLP was launched end of October, at a Press conference, where the war veterans came out guns blazing alleging that Zanu PF had been hijacked and had lost its moral compass that fuelled the liberation war.

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The war veterans accused Mnangagwa of running down the economy.

“We did not fight the war so that we can have political violence or corruption. We fought for democracy and to get out of oppression at the hands of (Ian) Smith, but not to continue under a Zanu PF government. The Zanu PF we knew during the war is not the same we know now,” Sadomba said at the time.

He was later to claim that he had been summoned by Central Intelligence Organisation operatives
for a two-hour meeting, although he refused to divulge the details.

ZLP yesterday said they were coming in with a view to contribute solutions to the crisis, which has seen the economy tumbling, disposable incomes evaporating and social services collapsing.

“We have a serious problem of polarisation. National issues have failed to get attention owing to political differences and, as war veterans, we need to take a stand and find a solution that changes the course of our country,” Sadomba said.

“We are clear that this cannot be done by war veterans who are servants of a particular political party.”

Political parties have been battling for the support of war veterans, who have been the force behind Zanu PF’s stay in power.