BY Patricia Sibanda

A VIOLENT storm blew off classroom rooftops at Ntambala Primary School in Bulilima soon after a parents’ meeting at the school on Tuesday afternoon, although no one was injured.

Bulilima Rural District Council chairperson John Brown Ncube confirmed the incident, which destroyed stationery at the school.

“Both text and exercise books were damaged and there is need to replace those because pupils will not be able to learn without proper essentials,” he said.

He said $34 000 was needed to repair destroyed infrastructure and $18 000 for the textbooks.

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Ncube said as soon as reconstruction starts, they would make sure that the department of Forestry would facilitate the planting of trees.

“We will be working with the department of forestry to plant trees that will act as windbreakers because the school is situated on bare ground where there are no trees or vegetation. The planting of trees will indeed be of great difference,” he said.

Ncube appealed to well-wishers to assist because children deserved to learn in a safe environment.

“We would be really grateful and esteemed if there are people who want to help because we really need all the support that we can get. Children are learning from outside, which is not safe at all because it is the rainy season and they might get sick. Learning is taking place but it is impossible to work without all learning materials,” he said.