AS always, each time one wakes up in Zimbabwe, they are treated to intriguing and curious circumstances that send either the heart or brain racing at life-threatening speeds.

NewsDay Comment

Yesterday, out of the blues, the nation woke up to assertions that some eight or so years after a certain political outfit called G40 or precisely Generation 40 came into existence, the shadowy political coterie is now a national security threat. Really?

“G40 is not only a threat to Zanu PF. It’s a threat to the country including the MDC. It’s a threat to security and security affects everyone,” the ruling party spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo declared after the party’s politburo meeting on Wednesday.

And Information deputy minister Energy Mutodi has since dashed to Twitter and declared: “Team G40 is back again with dirty tactics, this time using house maids to administer poison, explosives and other harmful substances, including ambushes. Ministers, be warned.”

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But what has caused the sudden flurry of activity around this G40 cabal? Why has Zanu PF party suddenly decided to drag everyone in Zimbabwe into what the world has all along thought was a largely internal senseless brouhaha?

This can only point to two issues: Either the ruling party is now clueless on how to get rid of this very painful thorn in its flesh or it is trying to brew an excuse to ruthlessly strike at whoever it accuses of being part of this clique of headstrong former cadres who are pestering it.

As far as we know and have picked from the past bloody fights in the ruling party, this so-called G40 faction was one of two groups that were fighting each other to control the party as the former party leader, the late Robert Mugabe was reaching his political twilight.

It so happened that these G40 apparatchiks were out-manoeuvred by the other one called Lacoste, whose alleged leader was the party’s current President, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

So if this was the case, why then is this matter a national issue? Khaya Moyo has not come out clearly why everyone, including the police and army, should be dragged into the party’s perennial internal dogfights?

Besides, is Zanu PF telling us that it does not allow opposing views or internal jostling for control in the party? If this is the case, this does not bode well for all opposition political parties in the country because if the ruling party cannot tolerate its very own opposition, what more an opposition from without.

For the sake of democracy and separating party and national business from party politics, Zanu PF should simply solve its own problems through whatever internal means, instead of dragging us all into its dirty fights. The nation has nothing to do with otherwise in-house Zanu PF fights.