RENOWNED marabi music crooner Kireni Zulu’s son, Phil Zulu , is set to come out of hibernation with a new album 10 years after stepping into his father’s shoes.


Titled Hope, the six-track album will be launched at City Sports bar next month.

Zulu told NewsDay Life & Style that he had been focusing more on his other business interests although he sometimes played instruments for his father on stage.

“I was establishing myself in the motor industry, for example, supplying spare parts to various shops and individuals. I was not totally out of music, though. I have been involved here and there, moving around with my father. However, the good thing is that I am back for good now and will be consistent in releasing albums,” he said.

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The musician, who has since tried to differentiate his music from his father’s, said his music incorporated some of his father’s previous songs.

“My dad is widely known for using acoustic and congas only, but what differentiates us is that I’m using all instruments. However, my art reflects his music. For example, I had a redo of his song Tommy in this album, only that it is fused with lots of instruments. In my first album, I also recorded his song Makurukasva, which he played on acoustic,” he said.

Zulu said the music on the new album was a reflection of day-to-day life experiences, including themes of inheritance and gender-based violence.

“I’m inspired by the challenges facing people in society. I come out with songs to provide soothing and express these challenges through music,” he said.

The young musician released his debut album, Zvenzeve 10 years ago which, however, performed dismally on the market. He said he was confident his second album would mark his breakthrough as he would be employing new marketing strategies.