13:24 No MDC MPs yet amid reports they are planning to abscond the budget presentation in protest over ED ‘illegitimacy’

13:21 Zanu PF supporters singing outside Parliament ahead of the budget presentation

13:20 Heavy Military and police presence outside Parliament at the Africa Unity Square side

13:17 The August house is still empty ahead of budget presentation this afternoon.

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Finance minister Mthuli Ncube faces a daunting task on how to balance his revenue generation and expenditure as he presents the 2020 budget today; at a time the economy is on a tailspin characterised by high inflation, skyrocketing prices of goods and cash shortages.

Two-thirds of the country’s population is food insecure and the country is also reeling from power shortages.

With runaway inflation hitting the economy, Ncube faces the headache of balancing his books and stabilising the economy.