Zimbabwe, November 2019 – MediPay, a Zimbabwe-based health care finance provider, has partnered with
UK-based Fintech company, SympliFi, to enable Zimbabweans to finance their health care related expenses
using their family abroad as guarantors.

MediPay provides affordable and flexible medical payment plans to patients unable to afford the upfront cost
of a medical procedure or equipment, or where medical aid does not cover the entire cost. MediPay finances
medical procedures and equipment, such as wheelchairs. Authorisation and processing can be completed
within 24 hours and payment made to the medical provider immediately.

The economic conditions in Zimbabwe have made it increasingly more difficult for people to afford access to
medical services, as more than 90% of the population is uninsured and those insured a burdened with huge
shortfalls. Recognizing these challenges, MediPay partnered with SympliFi to enable Zimbabweans in the
United Kingdom to serve as guarantors to help their family back home finance health care costs. SympliFi’s
digital service enables the diaspora to complete the guarantor process in a matter of minutes on their phone;
and most importantly, it is a fee-free service for the guarantor.
“We believe access to healthcare is a basic human right. In that spirit, our services enable access to appropriate healthcare services while removing the discrimination of upfront payments,” stated Jackson Kanhenga,Non-Executive Chair of MediPay.

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“SympliFi is passionately focused on empowering the diaspora to improve the well-being of their family back
home. Access to health care can be life changing. That is why we are extremely proud to partner with MediPay
to ensure access to quality health care is available to as many Zimbabweans as possible,” said Maurice Iwunze,
co-founder of SympliFi.

To apply online for health care financing visit MediPay’s website at medipay.co.zw/loan/diaspora-plan/. To
find out more about their products contact MediPay at Tel: +263-242-339914/7, and email at credit@medipay.
co.zw. To learn more about SympliFi visit symplifi.co.uk.

About MediPay
MediPay is a duly registered Medical Finance organisation, registered with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe,
and incorporated in 2011. MediPay provides a medical credit facility for medical related expenses through a
network of Partners. MediPay provides medical payment plans to patients and medical professionals unable
to afford the upfront cost of a medical procedure or equipment, or where medical aid does not cover the entire cost of the procedure. The company has head office in Harare and is an associate to Utano Africa Limited.

About SympliFi
SympliFi is a financial technology company that empowers diaspora around the world to build prosperity in
their home country. SympliFi’s technology platform eliminates traditional borders in order to provide diaspora
impactful financial solutions for self or family back home. The company is based in London, with operations in
Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Tanzania.
Media Inquiries: For more information about SympliFi and to arrange to speak with
a spokesperson, please email contact@symplifi.co.uk