SASAI, the latest application developed by Econet’s Cassava Fintech International (CFI), has a remittance feature which has attracted crowds to their exhibition stand AfricaTech in Cape Town, a company official has revealed.

Speaking from the Sasai stand yesterday, group chief executive Darlington Mandivenga said the remittance feature stood out for so many users and potential partners that visited the Sasai stand.

“The response by both consumer and business-to-business clients and prospects has been amazing. We have been inundated by serious partners and potential merchants from across the continent. But I can tell you that the interest in remittances has really stood out,” he said.

The App, which has so far been downloaded in over 155 countries opens doors for Econet to explore the international market.

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There are millions of Africans that work or live in the diaspora, who send home millions of dollars per year.

The World Bank Group reported that remittances to Sub-Saharan Africa grew by 10% in 2018 to $46 billion.

Sasai offers the service for free as part of its launch package.

“As part of Sasai’s ongoing launch offer, customers could in fact remit funds home for free, to all participating corridors,” he said.

Mandivenga said even when the promotion ends, Sasai will be cheaper to use for remittances.

Sasai offers services in various languages to cater for clients and potential clients in different countries.

Current participating corridors include Nigeria, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, India and Pakistan.

The three-day conference, which ends today, was attended by 15 000 people and featured about 400 exhibitors from across the globe.

Meanwhile, EcoCash has announced a temporary shutdown of its service due to a system upgrade between 9pm on Saturday (November 16) and 9pm on Sunday (November 17) 2019.