More than 22 cattle in Rushinga’s Chimandau village have died while several goats got stuck in muddy pools while searching for water.

Rushinga legislator Tendai Nyabani said the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) was in the process of rescuing villagers, scooping mud from three dams and drilling boreholes.

“We visited Chimandau village last week and more than 22 cattle died due to lack of water. Several goats got stuck in the mud in search of water, hence we sought for help from Zinwa,” Nyabani said.

“They are currently on the ground to remove mud from the dams and drilling boreholes to help mitigate water shortages in Rushinga.”

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Three dams in Rushinga — Nyamakuni in Chimandau village, Nyaukurungo in Chitangi village and Nyanhewe in Nyanhewe village — have been severely affected by silt, leaving villagers in serious shortage of water.

“We are suffering from a serious drought as our cattle are dying daily due to water shortage.
The situation is really bad and we hope this programme by Zinwa will not take long as we are counting our losses daily,” a villager, Janet Chitangi, said.