NON-MANAGERIAL staff at the National Building Society (NBS) has resolved to sleep at the company premises together with their families until their concerns are addressed as economic hardships

The workers said they could no longer afford to commute to work, hence the decision to camp at company premises.

“In response to your email, NBS non-managerial staff met and the fact on the ground is that we are now incapacitated and are no longer able to go home and report back to work tomorrow (today) going forward,” the notice to management read.

“As staff, we love our jobs and to fulfil that mandate, we thus need to stay at work and not go home so that we are ready to serve and do our duties tomorrow morning.”

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The workers said they asked their families to join them and had already brought blankets and other materials.

“We have also asked our family members to join us at the end of today (yesterday) so that we do not have problems at home and thus our family members will be joining us,” the notice read.

The NBS workers have joined many across the country, including lecturers, health practitioners, teachers and others, who have declared incapacitation due to the biting economic crisis that has hit the country.