UNITED Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Zimbabwe representative Shana Kaninda yesterday said they had issued almost 3 000 documents to Cyclone Idai survivors in Chimanimani. This was made possible with the government’s assistance.

Thousands of people lost national documents in the tropical storm-induced floods which hit Chipinge, Chimanimani and Masvingo early this year.

Kaninda made the remarks yesterday at the close of the UNHCR-organised workshop in Vumba where his organisation was dialoguing with parliamentarians on issues regarding Statelessness.

The documents include identity cards and birth certificates.

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He said they had completed the exercise of issuing documents in Chimanimani and they were heading to Chipinge.

“With the support of the government of Zimbabwe we have issued more than 3 000 documents to Cyclone Idai victims in Chimanimani, we are all aware that some people lost their documents during the Cyclone Idai in March this year, I do not have the actual figure of last week because I am here in Vumba, but I believe the number has gone above 3 000,” he said.

“We have completed the exercise in Chimanimani and we are heading to Chipinge, and this is an opportunity to people who lost their documents to have proper documentation, no one should be left behind,” he said.

“We are committed to work with the government so that everyone in the country has proper documentation to address issues of Statelessness,” he said
The UNHCR representative said undocumented children were failing to attend school.

“This was a fruitful workshop and we are going to continue engaging MPs so that we address issues of Statelessness in the country. There are many people who do not have identity cards and there is nothing you can do without documentation. We have children who have failed to go to school because they have no documents,” Kaninda said.