By Richard Muponde

OVER 1000 pupils at Chakomo Primary School in Dotito, Mt Darwin, on Thursday escaped death after a whirlwind blew off rooftops of two classroom blocks, destroying property worth over $200 000.

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Only one pupil was reported injured when the roof fell in while he was in one of the classrooms. About 12 solar panels used to power the computer room.

Pfura Rural District council chief executive officer, Stanslous Nyachowe said he was yet to get a full report of the incident as he was attending a meeting in Mazowe.

Ward 8 councillor, Lonwell Chipikiri yesterday confirmed the damage to the school.

“It happened shortly before 2pm, when a whirlwind hit the school, destroying roofs of two classrooms and completely damaging 12 solar panels, which were used to run the computer room. We later learnt that the damages needed $230 000 to repair according to a quotation we got,” said Chipikiri.

He said the pupils were not in the classrooms because it was still lunch hour.

Chipikiri appealed to well-wishers and the corporate world to chip to help restore the damaged property.