A CHIPINGE granny escaped death by a whisker after she was stabbed three times on the head by her mentally-challenged son.

By Richard Muponde

This was revealed yesterday when Daniel Muchongoyo (34) of Maronga village under Chief Musikavanhu appeared before Chipinge magistrate Joshua Nembaware facing physical assault charge.

Muchongoyo exhibited signs of mental disorder in court, prompting the magistrate to remand him in custody to November 20 to allow for his mental examination by two doctors in terms of the Mental Health Act (MHA).

“What’s wrong with your behaviour? Are you normal? I think you need to be examined by two doctors in prison to ascertain your mental status. You are remanded in custody and ordered to be examined by two doctors in terms of the MHA,” Nembaware said.

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Prosecutor Shamiso Ncube told the court that on November 3, the complainant, Agnes Muchongoyo (60), who is Daniel’s mother, was at her homestead preparing breakfast for her family.

After eating, Daniel threw away the plates, to the chagrin of his mother.

She inquired from him why he had thrown the plates away and Daniel became angry and moved away from her.

He went on to arm himself with a knife which he took to his room.

She followed him to inquire why he had armed himself with such a dangerous weapon.

He allegedly became aggressive and charged towards her. He went on to stab her thrice on the head. The mother fell to the ground, screaming for help and neighbours rushed to her rescue.

She sustained a deep cut on the head and was rushed to Chipinge District Hospital where a police report was made, leading to Daniel’s arrest.

The knife was recovered and will be produced in court as an exhibit.