Leader of Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic sect Andby Makururu has pledged to complement government efforts to end child marriages in the country.


Members of his sect and others recently held a march in Mutare to raise awareness on the dangers of marrying young girls and abuse of drugs by the youth.

Makururu, through his Ruvheneko Rwenyeredzi Trust (RRT), promised to transform the indigenous church to suit global trends and values, chief among them, safeguarding the girl child against abuse.

“As Vapostori, we have to move with the times and desist from old practices. I will work with the government in fighting child marriages,” he said

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“I am going around all churches practicing child marriages. But first I want to ensure that my house is in order before I engage other indigenous churches. We do not want our children to think less of themselves because they are of the white garment apostolic sect, hence
I am on the forefront of renouncing the ill practices of the past and focus on the future of the children.” Makururu said RRT will assist all children who fall prey to abuse, regardless of their religion.