I HONESTLY had hoped the crisis prevailing in our public health institutions would have been a convergence point for our antagonised political parties to show concern for the vulnerable citizens.

By Kurauone Mutemaringa

The situation is not being told as it is; it’s shameful that we are pretending as though everything is normal. It’s only after one experiences the situation do they appreciate that we are indeed at the deep end.

If the country’s leadership across the social and political divide seems not concerned about such a catastrophe, you are left to wonder for how long can such an excruciating situation go on? Whose sins are Zimbabweans being crucified for?

The situation requires urgent and sincere intervention. Yes, Zimbabwe is in a basket of varying crises, but the health crisis, I believe, should be given priority.

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The deplorable situation at public health centres is in itself a challenge for leadership to address. What is needed now are not solidarity visits or threats, but real attempts to save or rescue the situation

We are being told that what we are going through is a result of our intoxicated politics, and to those politicians, please self- introspect and detoxicate our politics and put Zimbabwe first.

Meanwhile, our honourable MPs are feasting somewhere in Victoria Falls!