JAZZ crooner and Green ambassador Dereck Mpofu’s decision to engage the services of raunchy dancer and singer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda on his latest song Chimbozvizunza and its accompanying video have been met with mixed reactions from his fans.

In the video, which also features musician Baba Harare, Bev is seen doing her sexually charged dances.In response to some of the criticism on social media, where the video has been circulating, Mpofu hit back at his critics, saying the song was a dance track for club consumption and should be seen in that context.

“The reality is mentioning that you like me on Facebook without investing back into the music, does not propel my career further, especially people who could actually support by attending shows and buying our music. In fact, it has stunted my growth,” he said in response to a Facebook user who had questioned his decision to engage Bev.

Mpofu said he has spent the better part of his career creating patriotic, nation-building music and dropping just one bum-shaking song for clubbers should not be the basis for judging his music career.

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Another user described Mpofu’s move as a bubble-gum approach to music, which could be disastrous as it could push away stakeholders such as corporates.

“While some of us have been following with admiration your music, these latest developments are a clear departure for the artiste that we known.“While life is all about making choices, this road that you have decided to take will lead to nowhere fast,” he said.

Others, however, applauded Mpofu for his gamble.“I feel my opinion and that of many others is irrelevant when it comes to growing your career and making difficult decisions. Whatever happens from here, whether good or bad you will learn from and grow,” said Christine Chitongo.

“Dereck Mpofu can tap into whatever pleasantries that tickle his soul for he is his own person and he is allowed to live his life as he pleases, just like we all are.”
Samantha-Lee Barker added: “Knowing him or following his career journey does not buy you any rights to his decision making.”

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