Bakers Inn has slashed by a dollar the prices of its bread after the government provided them with subsidised wheat.


Prices of basic commodities have been going up since January as inflation continues to rise and for a loaf of bread, Zimbabweans had to fork out between $15 and $20 in most parts of the country.

In a statement yesterday, Innscor Africa Limited chief executive Ngoni Mazango said the slashed prices would remain as long as the government provides them with subsidised wheat.

“The government has supplied millers with subsidised wheat which by and large reduces the price of flour. In response to this development, Bakers Inn Bakeries has decided to extend the benefit to the consumer, despite the escalating costs of other inputs like power, diesel, local and imported materials,” he said.

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“Bakers Inn bread from Tuesday October 29, 2019 reduced its wholesale price from $14 to $13. The recommended retail price is between $14 and $14,50. Consumers had to pay as high as $15,75 in the last weeks. This price will hold for as long as the Bakers Inn Bakeries have the subsidies