A HEALTH disaster is looming in Mutare after most suburbs have gone for almost two weeks without water supplies, while most schools have been sending pupils back home fearing an outbreak of cholera and other water-borne diseases.


Council spokesperson Spren Mutiwi told NewsDay yesterday that the water crisis had been caused by contamination at Odzani Treatment plant in Mutasa due to illegal gold panning activities in the area.

Mutiwi also attributed the crisis to the low water levels in the Pungwe River.

He said council was now supplying water in bowsers to health institutions, schools and suburbs, among other areas.

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“Yes, we are facing serious water challenges in Mutare. The problem is coming from our water sources. Water is contaminated in the Odzani Water Treatment Plant due to illegal gold mining in the area and this has affected water production. We are taking time to treat the water as recommended by the World Health Organisation ,” Mutiwi said

“One of the challenges we are facing is that water levels in Pungwe River, one of our sources, have dropped. I believe this is due to the high temperatures.

“We have introduced stop-gap measures where we are supplying water with bowsers, we are doing it in schools, various institutions including affected health institutions and other

Dangamvura high-density suburb is the worst affected, after going for almost two weeks without the precious liquid.

A resident in Hobhouse 3, Potifer Nyamavhuvhu, said they were now buying water at nearby plots.

“It’s now almost five days without water. We have resorted to buying water at nearby plots because they have boreholes. We are forking out at least $5 for a 20-litre bucket,” he said
“I hope our city fathers are doing something urgently because we fear an outbreak of water-borne diseases because some are now fetching water from unsafe sources.”