PUBLIC Service minister Sekai Nzenza has urged community leaders to stop politicising food aid distribution to effectively fight hunger in communities.

By Miriam Mangwaya

Speaking after visiting the elderly and the disabled in her Chikomba East constituency on Tuesday, Nzenza said government was determined to end food insecurity in all drought-stricken areas.

“Politics should be separated from food aid distribution. Everyone, regardless of political affiliation, has a right to sufficient food. It is the duty of the government to avail food to those who are in need, therefore, those who oversee the process of food distribution should do it in a fair and transparent manner,” she said.

Nzenza also encouraged social service officers and community workers to make regular visits to the old-aged and other vulnerable people in communities.

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She said this was a new strategy by her ministry to ensure that those in need have their problems addressed at the grassroots level.

Nzenza said there was need for authorities to explain climate change to communal farmers to help them transform their farming methods to improve food security in the country.

Chikomba Rural District Council chairman Israel Dhikinya said party leaders were discouraged to preside over food distribution as a measure to guard against partisan food distribution in all the wards in the district.

“In Chikomba wearing party regalia or chanting party slogans at food aid distribution venues is strictly prohibited,” he said.