BY winstone antonio

TOP gospel musician Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave yesterday said she had beefed up her academic background to enhance her music career.

The gospel sensation on Tuesday added another cap of knowledge after she graduated with a Master’s degree in Child Sensitive Social Policy at the Women’s University in Africa.

“Education sharpens brains and influences the way we develop and make decisions. I have borrowed heavily from my marketing management qualifications, Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology to make music, market decisions, with one of the most famous and rocky one being the Zimdancehall music transformation,” she said.

“I have often been misunderstood for applying simple marketing management principles and sociological theories in my music career, but it was that accumulated knowledge which carried me through harsh times and placed me where I am today. With the masters in the bag, I believe I can transform industries, corporates and even governments, given the chance.”

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Zvakavapano-Mashavave said although education might not earn one a formal job in Zimbabwe, the wealth of knowledge accumulated was a lifetime investment that could impact positively on one’s life.

When the musician graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology degree from Women’s University in Africa in 2012, she said the knowledge she acquired would go a long way in developing her music career.

In her current compositions, she utilises her education as she sings on different critical aspects in people’s lives, all premised on her belief in God.

Meanwhile, renowned sculpture Dominic Benhura was honoured with an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree in Culture and Heritage for his role in women empowerment through arts and culture.