BY precious chida

MBIRA songbird Hope Masike has been cast as the lead actress in a local musical drama alongside fellow musicians Gemma Griffiths and Tahle Wedzinza (pictured).

The musical drama will be staged at Reps Theatre from November 6 to 9.

The musicians will play the role of Bongile in the drama of the same title, but at different stages of the character’s life.

The theatrical production is an adaptation of the highly-acclaimed book, Bongile, written by Zimbabwean author Chiedza Makwara.

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The book is based on a true story of a woman whose journey was intertwined with misfortune and tumultous events, which could be attributed to poor choices and wrong decisions.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style yesterday, Masike said she was thrilled to be part of a show which is relevant to her life as a Zimbabwean.

“There is nothing as fulfilling as telling stories of hope. This is one of those kinds of stories and the fact that it’s a true and Zimbabwean story gives it so much relevance to me,” she said.

“It’s a sad, yet beautiful story told very artistically by a star-studded cast, therefore, giving it great entertainment value. Over and above that, I hope the story positively touches many people’s lives and adds value to humanity.”

Masike said the story was a passionate play about a girl who was born out of adultery.

“The lead character, Bongile, in her teens is a very beautiful dark-skinned girl and a happy child, who the entire village envied. Even though she was born out of adultery, her father’s family loved her very much, but life had a different kind of pill in store for her,” she said.

The drama, which is sponsored by Old Mutual, will be a blend of music, dance and spoken word and will feature an entourage of local dancers and poets.