AFRO-JAZZ artiste Samson “Droba” Gohwa is set to release his second album titled Tamba Neni soon.

Gohwa told NewsDay Life & Style that the forthcoming 10-track offering, with a bonus track featuring Tryson Chimbetu titled Kandiro, was almost ready.

“I am promising my fans that slowly we are getting there. I know it is not easy to start something new, but my fans should prepare to enjoy,” he said.

The 36-year-old musician said themes in the new production were centred on culture, ubuntu and love.

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“The album is all about social issues, culture and how people should live and love each other,” he said.

Gohwa indicated that he would be mixing genres to show how versatile mbira, marimba and ngoma could be.

He said like any other emerging artiste, there were challenges littered along the way.

The new album, he said, is made up of the songs Sorry, Chinyakare, Tamba Neni, Ndinobvuma, Ndisinewe, Mbira, Vapeyi Rudo, Mhere, Ndipe and Kandiro.

Gohwa said there were indications that the duet with Tryson would be a hit after it was pre-released onto the market and welcomed warmly by many fans.