If you travel to other countries that’s when you feel that Brand Zimbabwe has been shuttered. Who do we blame? All of us. Let’s never lie to each other, our brand has been years in destroying and we need to rebuild it together. We have let politics lead, and that has tainted the brand.

We have blamed each other and that has not brought any help. We need to put down our political and personal egos and work together in building our country. My mother always tells me the old stories about Zimbabwe and it was indeed the envy of many countries in the seventies and before. It was glowing, growing and glamorous. But, what really happened? Zimbabwe is not positively perceived by many other countries. We may try to defend and justify ourselves, but the truth is that our relations with other countries are not as great as we would want them to be. We want to relate with other countries because we are going there as beggars and that’s very unfortunate. A positive brand is crucial for success. People don’t just buy products, they buy the feeling associated with the brand. Rob Brown once said, “Your reputation is your personal share price in stock market of life”.

11 Cs that will make Zimbabwe stand out:

Clarity — Collectivism is needed and the leader should lead everyone to work together. We can only work together if we are clear about what we want to achieve as a country. Our Capriciousness in policy, politics, and promises has made us not to be really clear about want we want to achieve.

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Create — Zimbabwe has become a consumer. It used to be the breadbasket, but now we running everywhere to consume. We must create products that are competitive, and compelling. We have PR stunts, but that to me is trying to gloss over the whole thing.

Communication — We need to tell the world about Zimbabwe. Speak with one voice and say the truth. Truly Zimbabwe is endowered with great tourist places and that must be sold.

Consistence — We need to stick to the bigger story about Zimbabwe and that should bring us together despite our political differences. Most people would agree that Zimbabwe is a good country, but they never try to sell it.

Collectively re-build — Zimbabwe needs to be rebuilt. Other nations such as Botswana have been building their structures and roads that align to 21st century needs. But with us, it’s like we stopped and parked. Not, only that, we began to fight each other. What we are left with are fights between political parties. Secondly, we have leaders that are not listening to the yearning and cries of the people. If our leaders could truly listen to us, and endeavour to build this nation we can become great.

Collaborate — Success is when you are able to engage other people to help you build your dream. Zimbabwe can never win alone. We should stop behaving as if we don’t need other countries.

Conscious — We need to be clear and put a deliberate effort to rebuild Zimbabwe. If you truly listen to people; people are bitter and they are constantly speaking about the melting economy and the genuine every day struggles in eking out a better life That should change. Leadership must now want, will and walk the talk of rebuilding Zimbabwe.

Competitive — We must now become competitive on a global scale. That can be achieved if we work hard as a country with specific goals we want to achieve and practical means of how to achieve that. We must reward people based on merit. You walk into a government office, you feel it’s a ghost office. The basic office furniture is too old. A good example is the Zimbabwe Republic Police offices, the Passport office and the Birth and death offices. They are run down and people are not motivated to work. Leadership must trigger excellency. When crossing the Beitbridge border you see a marked difference between the Zimbabwe and South African Immigration offices. Peter Drucker said we live in an era of 3 Cs. Overwhelming complexity. Accelerated change. Tremendous competition”. Raise the standard.

Change — Things have changed and the question is has Zimbabwe changed for the positive. This life is constantly changing, evolving and progressing. The first step to change, is by challenging what we created as a country in the past.

Confidence — Leaders must build confidence. Confidence is the great currency that people are willing to buy from Zimbabwe. People buy brands they trust. Zimbabwe must be a trusted brand. We must say no to corruption and underhand deals.

Commit — We must be committed to building Zimbabwe first before we ask for other countries to give us a hand.

A great brand does not come easily, but you have to be willing to win together. We must make it a point that the promise of Zimbabwe is clear.

Jonah Nyoni is an author, success coach and certified leadership/business trainer. He is the author of Inspiration for Success and Success Within Reach.