ANGLO American Platinum’s local unit, Unki Platinum, reported a 7% increase in platinum group metals (4E) production to 53 800 ounces in the third quarter ended September 30, 2019 due to improved concentrator throughput, underground mining efficiencies, and mill run-time.

“Unki platinum group metals (PGM) production increased 7% to 53 800 ounces (platinum production increased by 5% to 23 600 ounces and palladium production increased by 9% to 21 400 ounces), due to improved underground mining efficiencies as well as improved concentrator throughput and mill run-time,” Anglo American Platinum Limited said in its third quarter production report.

The miner’s global production for the quarter stood at 1,14 million ounces and was in line with prior year. Platinum production was down 1% to 526 800 ounces and palladium production stood at 351 800 ounces.

“The company is not expecting any significant headwinds in the final quarter, however if there are any prolonged periods of Eskom load-shedding, full year production guidance could be impacted.”

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