The MDC Mashonaland East province has been plunged into mourning following the death of party stalwart Obed Pindu Muchabaiwa who died at Marondera Provincial Hospital on Sunday at the age of 81.

The late political activist, popularly known as Sekuru Muchabaiwa, survived a series of political attacks at his house as suspected Zanu PF militias were against his move of housing MDC youths in Marondera.

Muchabaiwa is also father to MDC Marondera senator Jane Chifamba, who described him as a brave figure who despite his age nurtured and housed MDC youth activists despite attempts on his life at the height of political violence in the country.

Speaking during the funeral wake in Marondera yesterday, Marondera mayor Chengetai Murowa, who is also the MDC provincial spokesperson, said the late Muchabaiwa will be remembered for his contributions in the country’s opposition politics.

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“Sekuru Muchabaiwa was an MDC founding member in 1999 and was also present at the party’s first congress in 2000. He was there despite all the negative forces. At the time, it was taboo to talk or discuss anything MDC in Marondera and the province. His house was our meeting point where we would strategise on the way forward,” Murowa said.

“I vividly remember in 2002 during the presidential election campaigns when his house was raided before he and his family members were tortured by suspected militias. They were left nursing injuries. In the same year, his house was attacked and had his belongings looted as he was accused of housing MDC youths.”

Muchabaiwa was the party’s first treasurer for Marondera East, an area that covered central Marondera and part of rural Marondera.

He was buried yesterday at Paradise Cemetery in Marondera.