THE MDC Bulawayo province is still haunted by ghosts of its provincial congress, with some party members now raising fears that the chaos that accompanied it will cost the party in future by-elections or the 2023 general elections in the city.

The party’s national leadership has failed to douse factional flames in Bulawayo, where a section of disgruntled party members are demanding a re-run of the provincial congress, citing voter fraud.

Just last week, the national leadership was in Bulawayo to try and address the divisions, but without success.

A member of the MDC’s Magwegwe district executive committee Nicholas Moyo Godlwayo last week petitioned the party leadership to address the simmering tensions in the city to avert electoral drubbing in 2023 or in by-elections.

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“What happened during the Bulawayo congress does not reflect the MDC as a party that so religiously believes in devolution of power as the best governance system that unites a nation.
The leadership that was purportedly elected does not, in any way, bring happiness to the people of Bulawayo,” Godlwayo wrote in his petition.

“Instead, it is exclusive than inclusive and the MDC can never win the 2023 elections in Bulawayo or any by-election which can happen before then. It is a certainty that anything otherwise will cost us dearly as a party come the 2023 plebiscite or any by-election which may happen before then.”

Infighting was blamed for the party’s loss of the Cowdray Park council seat to Zanu PF in a recent by-election.

MDC Bulawayo chairperson James Sithole yesterday told Southern Eye that the provincial executive “was doing everything within its powers to unite” warring factions.

“We have heard those concerns, but as a leadership we have started a process to address those issues that have been raised. We have also gone further to include members who lost elections into the provincial executive structures,” Sithole said.

“We want inclusivity; we are stronger together. We realise the importance of coming together to make a big change. We are a rainbow party and the only relationship that binds us together is to be members of the MDC. We all have a common agenda to remove Zanu PF from power through peaceful means.”