SUNGURA musician Tendai Dembo yesterday said he was satisfied that he has managed to keep his father’s legacy alive despite battling financial constraints in the music industry.

Son to the late great Leonard Dembo, Tendai said his latest album, Dzinde, has enabled him to maintain his father’s legacy.

“I believe my recent album that I dedicated to my father has done very well as it has managed to put me among the top giants in the music industry and I have managed to sell my music across borders,” he told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday.

“However, considering that my father left us when I was very young at the age of eight, I think I have done very well in protecting his legacy. I don’t have any members from my dad’s band, but I have managed to produce music exactly as he did. It’s amazing because a lot of people have tried to reach my father’s standards, but they have failed.”

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Dembo said although his music reflected his father’s touch, he was a different musician and fans appreciated his individuality.

He, however, admitted that the industry had not been profitable and that has made it difficult for him to upgrade his band.

“The money that I am making from my music is enough for food, but there is a lot that we need as a band. We need to grow and invest and upgrade ourselves, but the shows that we do are not enough to sustain us,” he said. Ever since he parted ways with his brother Morgan after the latter had earned a “bad boy” tag, Tendai has wooed a lot of people including promoters charmed by how he has been able to revive his father’s music. Tendai began his music career with Barura Express in 2014 where he launched his first album Kupa Kwashe as a solo artiste.