UNITED KINGDOM-BASED former Bhundu Boys drummer Kenny Chitsvatsva is expected to release a new album titled Hupenyu in London later this year, NewsDay Life & Style has heard.

The artiste’s manager, Liversy Matamba, told NewsDay Life & Style recently that Chitsvatsva has decided to release his own music years after leaving the popular jiti outfit that was once led by the late music maestro Biggie Tembo.

The musician produced the album alongside Mbokoliya Kasango from the Democratic Republic of Congo at Red Wines studios.

Chitsvatsva said he was inspired by life experiences after realising that people dealt with almost similar challenges regardless of their location.

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“One might go abroad but the problems one will face are just the same. Things will flow according to what you get,” he said.

“One of my tracks talks about marriage. There are various things required for one to know when they are ready to marry or get married.”

The singer indicated that his forthcoming production is predominantly Afro beat.

Songs on the new release include Ngoma Ndiyo Ndiyo, Bhagu Bhagu, Rooro, Chikoro and Makwikwi.

Chitsvatsa said he decided to try his hand at singing after having been inspired by several drummers who traded the drums for the microphone.

“I grew up being inspired by various people and groups who include Acid Band’s Charles Makokoba, the legendary James Chimombe and also my favourite drummers who included Albert and Jethro Shasha. I also learnt a lot from these guys,” he said.

Two of the tracks recorded in London — Ngoma Ndiyo Ndiyo and Chikoro — were released two weeks ago.