ROIL Bulawayo Arts Award outstanding actor Percy Soko, whose drama series titled Mandla has been showing on ZTV every Sunday night at 9 o’clock since last month, yesterday said the series was inspired by drug lords.

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The series, which is self-funded and is scheduled to run for 13 weeks, was shot in the City of Kings with 12 actors.

Soko, who plays Mandla, told NewsDay Life & Style that the drama series is inspired by drug lords mushrooming in the country.

“The drama series is inspired by the drug lords that are emerging in our society. The writer is a young man and so is the producer. They asked me to direct the drama and also take the lead role,” he said.

Soko said the drama series also addressed issues of love and betrayal.

“The drama is a must-see. It also carries a message to the people, which is about drugs,” he said.

“These are seen slowly entering our country and people are killing each other fighting for drug territories, families are destroyed. Corruption is rife in our police services. They take bribes from the drug lords and we need to fight this.”

Recently, Bulawayo Metropolitan Affairs minister Judith Ncube accused adults of lacing foodstuffs sold to pupils with drugs, which ended up affecting the children and interfering with their learning process. She challenged parents to closely monitor their children to ensure that they were not abusing drugs.