TWO Zimbabwean brothers based in Australia recently released a track calling on Zimbabwe’s political leaders to unite for the betterment of the ailing economy.

By Tafadzwa Rusike Gondo & Kuda Pembere

Two brothers Farai & Fungai Katiyo

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Dubbed ‘So Harare’, one of the brothers Farai Katiyo said the song is an analysis of what was once Zimbabwe during its progressive period .

“I talk about our colonial history, our independence, and our days as the “breadbasket of Africa” to now being a laughing stock. I touch on the harsh realities our people face whilst living as migrants in foreign countries for example xenophobia.

“I plead with our President to work hard to restore our country, to make it the country our liberation fighters dreamed of living in as they died fighting for our freedom,” he said.

In the song, Katiyo addresses corrupt leaders and those who promote sanctions.

“I also touch on my desire to see our opposition fighting alongside the ruling party for a better Zimbabwe.

“I talk about the police and army brutality which we saw after the elections last year and during the riots early this year. I also touch on the rise of fake prophets who are taking advantage of our desperate people,” Katiyo says.

It is his hope that this I hope people will not be misconstrued as if he is attacking the political parties.
Speaking about the depth of the song he urged the general public not to misconstrue his intended message

“I hope people won’t misinterpret this track thinking that I am attacking one political party or another.

“I am neither for ZANU nor MDC, I am for Zimbabwe and I just pray for a better Zimbabwe with dedicated leaders, who are not corrupt and who will bring change whether they ZANU or MDC or any other political party,” he distances himself as an apolitical.

The song comes on the back of the trending ‘So Brooklyn Challenge initiated by Casanova and Fabulous.

“The Instrumental is from Casanova and Fabulous‘s song “So Brooklyn”. They ran a challenge to promote their track called the “So Brooklyn Challenge” in which rappers had to rap about their hometown / city.

“My brother told me about it, and I decided to embrace the challenge and talk about my hometown Harare. The lyrics really came out of my love for my country; I love Zimbabwe with all my heart. I would do anything humanly possible to contribute towards its success,” Katiyo said.
Born in Harare, the chanter’s family moved to New Zealand while he was in Grade 4.

“I was born in Harare at Parirenyatwa hospital in 1992. I went to Greendale nursery school, before studying at Belvedere primary from grade 1 – 3, I then went to S.O.S Hermann Gmeiner primary from grade 4-5 before moving to New Zealand.

“Whilst in New Zealand I completed my primary education at Onehunga primary before going to Royal Oak intermediate. I then did form 1 – 2 at Marcellin College then I finished high school at Sacred Heart college before heading to Otago University to complete my bachelor of science,” he said.

Based in Melbourne, the rapper also works as a speaker and medical technician.

“I also run an events company formally known as “Clarence.K.Photography” now “Clarence.K.Events” and we provide planning, photography, videography, MCing and Djing services for parties, weddings, anniversaries and other events. I am also working on my own clothing line,” Katiyo said.