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7 types of people who hold you back


AT times we allow people to control us. Some control us using fear, manipulation, and authority as tools.

At times, we are controlled by what the crowds must think of us. Naturally, we want to fit into what we found. In this writing, I want you to stretch out your wings and live your dream. Who is that person who has been limiting and controlling you? Let’s talk about them and how you can free yourself.


People control us using the weaknesses they know about us. People will talk you out by picking on your blackspots. Don’t be deceived, everyone has their own weaknesses. These people hold us back and are very toxic. Such people include leaders, spouses, friends and some in the family. These people are always looking out and picking on your faults. Believe in your strengths and believe that you can.


Some people don’t want you to excel in life and they would generally respond negatively to your new ideas. You might propose something great and what they would do is to hammer and crash your strides. There are people that will always criticise you and at times for no tangible reason. At times you don’t need to respond and if ever you are to, always use wisdom.


Some people want their opinion or contributions to be the ones accepted and so what that do they don’t consider your thoughts and contributions. They act as though you have never done anything great. In such a situation you respond by doing what is good. There is nothing like a person who ran in their track. The easy way to free yourself from what people think of you is never try to please everyone. Work and walk confidently and after all you are a masterpiece.


There are people that want you to be in pain. So, they will look for means to bring that pain. They will look for something to blame you for. They will remind you of that painful and degrading past. Not because they want to show you lessons, but to lessen your credibility and inform everyone of your worst past. Learn of your past, but don’t stay in your past.


Some people will talk bad about you. They publish all the worst and lies about you. Yes, they are publicists; negative ones. As an author, I have personally felt that pain, especially on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Respected people will just find something to talk about, and all of sudden you get published to thousands of followers. What do you do, never try to justify yourself. Keep on your game.


These people want to always shoot you down. When you go up, they are looking for means to bring you down. They don’t care all the good you have done, they are ready to shoot you.

The Judas Iscariots

There are people that will seemingly show signs of love. These are too dangerous. They will feast with you on the same table, give you a kiss, but sell you out to your enemies. There is nothing as painful as being betrayed. The person that betrays you is that one you love and they seemingly love you back.

The CIAs

Such people will use overt, organised and concealed means to know your worst works. They investigate you deeply and tactfully. What they want is to create headline news about your life, and boom, the negative is published. How do you win with these? Keep doing great things so that they find no reason to crucify you.

Parting Point: I hope you picked one from the seven kinds of people who inflict a lot of pain. Such people are inevitable. If you want to be great, there is no way you can avoid such
people. Remember, when people start speaking about you, there is a possibility that you are shifting or shaking spaces. Keep doing it. “Cutting people from your life does not mean you hate them, it simply means you respect yourself. Not everyone is meant to stay” (Cited from the Live Life Happy Website)

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