By Freeman Makopa

Triathlon Zimbabwe was impressed with the good show put up by the national junior team at the African Triathlon Championship held in Shandrani, Mauritius last weekend, where the team brought back three medals.

The team, which comprised of Matt Denslow, Luke Hacker, Luke Steffens, Andie Kuipers and Mikayla Colegrave competed in the U-19 category, while George Ascott battled it out in the 13/14-year category.

Ascott proved to be stronger than his opponents, striking gold in the ATU Youth event on Saturday. On the other hand, the mixed relay team won silver.

Triathlon Zimbabwe team coach Pamela Fulton expressed satisfaction over the youngsters’ performance.

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“We took a Zimbabwe Triathlon team of juniors down to compete and they did exceedingly well in a very challenging tournament. We hope that this is a sign of good future for team Zimbabwe.

“They are good sports ambassadors of our country and have won the hearts and support of the locals back home through the way they carry themselves,” she said.

Local triathletes continue to shine at international arena, flying the country’s flag high.