By Garikai Mafirakureva

MDC Alliance, Zimbabwe’s main opposition is increasingly becoming wary of the safety of its members, after it emerged that members of Police Internal Security Intelligence (PISI) are looking for details of their newly-elected leadership in every province throughout the country.

It is believed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government, currently grappling with various economic tribulations, fears countrywide uprisings as prices of basic goods continue to skyrocket, with fuel and power supplies dwindling by the day, threatening to bring the country to its knees.

The director in the MDC’s organising department, Farai Chinobva has since written to all party provincial chairpersons warning them of the ongoing exercise being carried out by PISI.

Part of the internal circular dated June 4, 2019, gleaned by the NewsDay, reads: “Ref: confidentiality of party information

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“It has come to our attention that members of the police force specifically from PISI are moving around requesting details of our elected leadership and party structures.

“Kindly be advised that no such information must be given to anyone, except if only requested by the national organising department. Be guided accordingly.”

MDC national organiser, Amos Chibaya admitted that the circular sent to all provincial chairpersons was generated from MDC, saying it was meant to keep their party members alert.

“Yes, that circular was generated from our office, but what they (police) are doing is very wrong. They want to harass our members because of fear of the unknown. Obviously the situation in the country is unmanageable, especially when you talk of the economy itself yet, it is not about the MDC, but it is about the people of Zimbabwe.

“If the people of Zimbabwe are not happy about how the country is being run, they have the right to demonstrate peacefully. That right is actually enshrined in the Constitution. I am sure you are aware that Section 59 of the Constitution allows the people to demonstrate peacefully, and also gives them the right to petition. So, there is no need for the police to actually target MDC members.

“Prices have been rising on a daily basis and are now beyond the reach of every Zimbabwean and now they fear that people might demonstrate. So, by taking the details of our structures they want to harass them,” Chibaya said.

However, national police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyati, said he could not comment on another organisation’s internal communication.

“I haven’t seen the circular. I am sure it was their internal communication. So, I cannot comment on another organisation’s internal communication,” Nyathi said.