THE Australian Embassy in Harare has come to the rescue of Zimbabwe’s financially-struggling World Cup-bound national netball team with a kit donation.

Having qualified for the World Cup that will be staged in England this July, the Gems have been up and around with their begging bowl, seeking both financial and material support.

Just days after telecommunications company TelOne chipped in with some financial support, the team received another boost of a training kit from Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Bronte Moules on Monday evening.

Moules said her embassy was honoured to host the Gems who are an inspiration to other young girls and women following their achievement.

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“Qualifying to the World Cup was a wonderful achievement and we are delighted to have the team this evening,” she said.

“There is so much talk about Zimbabwe and where it’s going in the world and how it is re-engaging, so I think It is wonderful to have Zimbabwe on this world stage at this point of Zimbabwe’s history. Sport diplomacy speaks a universal language, it is such a wonderful way to communicate. Sport is one of the most powerful messages. The message to young girls to be able to aspire to do whatever they want to do. When sports heroes carry that message everyone listens. You (Gems) are inspiring young girls and women and you are encouraging a culture of respect among young boys. We would want to wish you all the best at the World Cup. We don’t underestimate the hard work that has been put for the team to achieve this. We are delighted to be able to celebrate that with you.”

Zimbabwe Netball Association boss Leticia Chipandu said: “On behalf of the Gems I want to thank the Australian Embassy for this gesture. It will go a long way in cushioning the girls and the team’s needs. Thank you very much for caring,” she said.