THE Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers has warned that unjustified profiteering by retailers would invite the full wrath of the government which is threatening to introduce the unpopular price controls.

Speaking during a meeting between retailers and members of the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) in Mutare recently, CZR president Denford Mutashu said price distortions were not being helpful to retailers.

“The government is worried with the behaviour of some retailers. It seems every time l meet a government minister, he will be asking about the conduct of some retailers. If retailers continue unjustified pricing on their goods then we are inviting the full wrath of the government because we don’t want price controls,” he said.

“Some retailers need to be responsible and fair on their pricing; it is the distortions in their pricing that we are worried about. It is good for the world to know that we don’t defend mediocrity and we don’t defend businesses who misbehave,” he said

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“We are actually working together with the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe and we will go across the country together educating the consumers as the most critical stakeholder and in order to give them the right information so that they are not short-changed.”

Mutashu said CZR was aware that the costs have been rising on the part of the retailers, but it was also a fact that many of them were taking advantage and charging exorbitant prices especially in areas where there were shortages.

“Our plea goes to the manufacturers who are demanding foreign currency. Retailers are selling to consumers who have no capacity to buy in foreign currency,” he said