AWARD-winning hip-hop musician, Takura, has hinted on launching a record label, One Entertainment, aimed at grooming upcoming hip-hop artistes.


Takura said the move was motivated by the need to give the genre more visibility in the country.

The Zino Irema hitmaker used Soul Afrika as his entry gate into the music industry and has, within a short period, fully grown into a force to reckon with in his genre.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style through his manager, Michael Mangondoza, the musician said dates for the launch would be announced after all logistics had been put in place.

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“Takura is looking at pushing upcoming talent, and he is also set to launch a record label soon called One Entertainment. We have started it, but will start recruiting talent soon so that we promote the genre as best as we can,” he said.

“That is what we are trying to do for the culture. Takura is trying to create a platform that will allow upcoming artistes to produce music the proper way. There are things that are affecting upcoming musicians such as cost of production, which can be high, hence the introduction of a record label that will house those artistes and give them an opportunity to reach their dreams.”

Mangondoza said a lot of people had shown interest in their record label.

“We also recently did the Zvemoyo challenge, which I will actually post its contestants on my Instagram page, just to give them exposure and shed light on their talent and that went very well. At least 500 local artistes participated in that challenge and we only had one winner, Darrelworld, who will have the chance to do a collaboration with Takura,” he said

Mangondoza said Takura was eyeing the international market and to fly the country’s flag high through music.
“Takura is a talented artiste, so we are eyeing to add value to the industry as well as grow beyond Zimbabwe. That is our focus at the moment. Zim hip-hop is definitely growing at the moment. At first people thought other genres were profitable and they never really supported hip-hop,” he said.

“There are many upcoming kids who have been good in what they are doing, which is really good because the industry then grows.”